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Masterclass: Knowless

Your relationship with yourself: thinking, learning, doing and letting go smarter and more deliberately


How to increase intelligence by thinking less Knowless is about where your attention goes. How your brain and perception work and how you can control that.

A masterclass about communication, belief, knowledge, perceiving, emotions, choosing and deciding.

First you get practical insights, tips, techniques, tools and wisdoms which will turn on all your senses. You will be taught how to use your brain, your body and your potential optimally and how to inspirit them, so that you can be most effective in the personal and commercial area without much thinking.


The most important "system" is your body. You live in it and you move with it. Knowing yourself is first of all to know what and how you perceive. Watching and Controlling the factors which are important very well.

Knowless focuses on the proceeding of perception, from recognizing until action starts. How you let that process proceed and how you can control it. How it leads to new knowledge, emotions, experiences, wishes and ideas, which initiates behavior in its own manner. What you let inside. Opinions, marketing, advertising, hypnosis, trance, are all factors which you influence consciously and unconsciously. Control it to get rest to be able to think smarter to decide in an authentic way.


This masterclass is an experience where you gain knowledge and experience at first hand. This procedure consists of three parts: Theory, Mindset and Application. There is always an interpretation to your own everyday life. What we give is playful, innovative, creative, gives energy and is inspiring.

  • Know yourself: knowing and using the "system I

  • The process behind your choices. You can create more behavioural possibilities if you know how you do what you do and finally control it

  • Experience your perception consciously and learn how to control it; what you let in (thoughts, belief, emotions, food, drinks, etc.), how you translate it and what you share.. and how you can control the reception

  • Optimize the aspects which determine the process of learning (think faster, gather and process information)

  • Handle emotions in an intelligent way; Do not let your emotions affect your intelligence

  • Being able to concentrate and focus well

  • Being authentic and do it authentically

  • Self-confidence and rest

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