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Materclass: The art and science of seduction

Your relationship with the world, where you are in the world, your presentations and relationships.


Create impact and get applause.

A masterclass about Sprezzatura, -effortless spontaneity- presenting, ethics, etiquette, perception, seduction, effectivity, interpretation and pleasure.

First you will get practical insights, tips, techniques with a view to using and controlling your brain, your body, your language use and your emotions so that you will achieve an optimal relationship with your environment. Actually you could say: selling yourself, your product, your feeling and your idea.

However worthy, elegant and authentic, but temptation is more..., being human in a commercial and private manner. More than ever it seems important that you take the control of your personal life, your relationship with your environment, your communication and your career. Live deliberately, design your own life and make use of your possibilities and chances. Elegant and worthy. Train and experience how you can design your life yourself according to your own taste, so that you can realize an improvement of your living quality.

This masterclass is an experience where you gain knowledge and experience at first hand.

This procedure consists of three parts: Theory, Mindset and Application. There is always an interpretation to your own everyday life. What we give is playful, innovative, creative, gives energy and is inspiring.

3 days fpr 495€

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