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Meine Workshops

Ich habe immer meine Workshops oder Masterclasses auf Englisch gehalten, dementsprechend geht es auch auf Englisch weiter...

Themes for masterclasses:

1. Knowless

2. The power of insecurity

3. The art and science of seduction

Masterclasses: 1 or 3 day company-customized masterclasses about one of the three topics.

Themes for Workshops

1. Hypnoses

2. Coaching

3. Spiritualität

4. Tanz

The fundament: Soil

The SOIL-method © was developed by Cor van Leeuwen and serves as the basis of his procedure. Cor provides certified NLP-SOIL trainings (master and practitioner). His work and life are based on:

  • the empowerment of the US;

  • the intuition of the East;

  • the knowledge of the West;

  • the history of the Middle East;

  • the magic of the South

  • the strength of the universe

SOIL means earth, the basis where everything begins: here we have to show it tangibly. At the same time we respect the enormous miracle that life is. We are space and we give space a colour. Our passion is our driving force which lies in our intuition and our skills are to pay attention to it. There is always a cooperation between the interpretation, the development, the result and the shareability.

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